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And · so · it · goes....

surrrveeeey time :)

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Ultimate Personality Survey (161 Questions!)
Favorite animal(s)?:cute ones
Favorite TV show?:i dont watch much tv
Favorite candy?:gummi bears
Favorite drink?:lemonade
Favorite food?:dill pickles
Favorite eye color?:any
Favorite hair color?:any normal color
Favorite height?:any?
Favorite book?:Running with Scissors
Favorite song?:Cant chose just one
Favorite thing to do?:sinngggg!
Favorite clothing?:sweatpants and pajamas :)
Favorite music genre?:anything good. not crazy punk rock stuff
Favorite school subject?:Music
Favorite website?:newzjunky.com
Favorite name?:Alexandria
Favorite celebrity?:Luke Wilson
Favorite sport?:Swimming
Favorite car?:a nice looking one
Favorite saying?:Shit happens
Favorite shoes?:my red heels
Favorite color?:light green
Favorite dream?:idk
Favorite time of day?:late night
Favorite gf/bf you ever had?:not chosing..
Favorite game?:idk
Favorite nickname?:Nikki-spelled correctly :)
Favorite country?:usa!
Favorite vacation spot?:California
Favorite holiday?:Christmas
Favorite store?:idk
Favorite month?:October
Favorite kind of weather?:summer-warmness
Favorite thing about you?:my hair
Favorite singer/band?:i like too many
Favorite restaurant?:Panera!
Least favorite animal(s)?:snakes
Least favorite TV show?:dont care
Least favorite candy?:black licorice anything
Least favorite drink?:mountain dew
Least favorite food?:tuna..yuck
Least favorite eye color?:dont care
Least favorite hair color?:red
Least favorite height?:dont care
Least favorite book?:i like most things i read
Least favorite song?:dont have one
Least favorite thing to do?:homework
Least favorite clothing?:i dont know
Least favorite music genre?:punk rock
Least favorite school subject?:Math
Least favorite website?:dont know
Least favorite name?:idk
Least favorite celebrity?:dont care
Least favorite sport?:car racing
Least favorite car?:my minivan
Least favorite saying?:dont know
Least favorite shoes?:big snow boots
Least favorite color?:poop brown
Least favorite dream?:dont know
Least favorite time of day?:early morning
Least favorite gf/bf you ever had?:ha..
Least favorite game?:risk
Least favorite nickname?:beanie...my moms
Least favorite country?:idk
Least favorite vacation spot?:dont know
Least favorite holiday?:who doesnt like holidays?
Least favorite store?:gander mountain
Least favorite month?:January
Least favorite kind of weather?:blizzards
Least favorite thing about you?:i like myself alot
Least favorite singer/band?:idk
Least favorite restaurant?:mcdonalds
Milk or water?:Water
Blondes, red-heads, or brunettes?:idc
TV or video games?:TV
Yellow or black?:black
Grapes or oranges?:grapes
Write music or sing music?:sing!
Mom or Dad?:dad
George Bush or Bill Clinton?:Clinton
Christmas or Halloween?:christmas
Fries or onion rings?:fries
Money or love?:love
Oprah or Dr. Phil?:oprah
Jeep or sportscar?:sportscar
Cats or dogs?:dogs
Models or stripers?:models
California or New York?:both
Yahoo or Google?:Google
Fear Factor or Ripleys Believe It or Not?:Ripleys
Blue or pink?:pink
Chips or cookies?:cookies
Math or history?:history
Summer or Spring?:summer
Rock or rap?:rock
Jeans or shorts?:jeans
What is your name?:Nicole
What is your age?:18
If you could have any one wish what would it be?:im not sure....something good though
What is your sexual orientation?:straight
Are you obsessed with anything?:my cell phone?
What is one guilty pleasure of yours?:idk
If you could live anywhere where would you want to live?:California
Do you want to go to college?:yes. i am :)
What animal is mostly like your personality?:prob a content dog...ha
Do you like scary movies?:if i have someone to watch them with
What scares you the most?:a life of lonliness
What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?:we wont talk about that
Do you like your parents?:most of the time
What's the best gift you've ever received?:i like most gifts i get
How many languages can you speak?:two kind of...spanish is a tad difficult
What is your religion?:Presbyterian
Would you ever get a nose piercing?:im not sure...prob not
What is a big turn off to you?:lying
Do you believe in the death penalty?:sometimes
Are you a girl or boy?:girl
What is your favorite attribute of a girl/boy?:smile and personality
Do you like the current president?:not alot
Would you ever want to run for president?:nope
Do you reguarly read magazines?:about once a month when mine comes
Do you believe in fate/destiny?:yes
Do you believe in soul mates?:most def
What mood are you mostly in?:a good one
Are you very religious?:no
Do you have your own place?:nope
Would you dye your hair?:prob not
What kind of person would you prefer not to be around?:a liar
Do you like Opera?:yes
How tall are you?:5 feet 5 inches
What turns you on the most?:facial hair?
Do you like school?:most of the time
What do you want to be?:Either a music teacher or an elementary teacher
What is your hair color?:brown
Do you want to have children?:yeah
What's the nicest thing you've ever done?:im not sure
Do you think the elderly should be treated with respect?:yes always
Do you believe in a hell and heaven?:yes
Do you believe in evolution?:yes
Do you enjoy Halloween?:yeah
Do you have any siblings?:two brothers-one older, one younger
How many e-mail accounts do you have?:two
Have you ever tried drugs?:no...and i dont plan on it
Do you have a job?:yes..YMCA baby
What is your eye color?:brown
Do you write with your left hand or right hand?:right
What is your biggest pet peeve?:people chewing with their mouth open
Have you ever tried any alcoholic beverage?:its possible...ha
Would you ever get a tattoo?:i might.
Do you want to get married?:yes
Do you wish for world peace?:yeah
Do you think money can buy love?:not at all
Do you like war?:who does??
Do you like ketchup?:yeah
Do you eat with your left hand or right hand?:right
Do you like mustard?:yes
Do you like your life?:yep
What is a word that you say too often?:wicked
Have you ever bullied someone?:i hope not
Do you like to watch oldy movies?:yeah sometimes
How would you describe your personality?:sparkly
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On February 6th, 2007 11:32 pm (UTC), silversteve commented:
What's wrong with a little punk rock.... :( :( And what your brother listens to doesn't count.
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