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And · so · it · goes....

Alrighty. Today was a pretty decent day...nothing really exciting…

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Today was a pretty decent day...nothing really exciting happened...but it def wasnt bad. During my internship I got to do what the teacher calls a reading..it was cute. The kids have to read a story to me then when they need help with words and such i have to help them sound it out. I think I have found my calling. I love elementary teaching. Its fun. Im not going to make nay certain decisions though until I get my audition results back. I should know about those at the end of March.

My All-East music came today. It looks pretty challenging...half of the titles I cant even pronouce. I think two are in Russian and one is Italian. There are 7 all together. Its going to be interesting.

After school I had rehersal..that went well which is always good. Im glad I get to be part of the main cast...it always makes it so much more fun.

This weekend was nice...especially with our snow day on Monday. Worked out with Shawna all day..yeah im going to be majorly buff! ha

Im excited I found alternitive plans for Friday evening. Im going to go with Shannon to Kiannas to get ready for the dance which will be sooo much fun. Love those girls. Then afterwards I think I will be joining Katie and some sackets boys to go for milkshakes. It should be a fun night...other things might have been more fun, but they didnt work out so well.

I dont think I have much else to say. I hope everyone is happy andddd smiling :)

goodnight and sweet dreams to all!
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Billy Joel-Piano Man :)
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On February 7th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC), shawnafucking commented:
First of all, my brother asked me if I wanted to see Billy Joel with him in Albany and I said yes of course and that reminds me that I should a calling him and being like what it do!

Second, I am sorry that I frantically left you while you were away threatening to take my life because of conversation hearts. But if I don't leave the interweb I don't do my homework.

Thirdly, I placed your bathing suits and towel in the Lap Pool closet so nobody would rub crabs on them.

Fourth, maybe you'll go to other countries and be able to sing your way into hearts and free things all because you had to learn foreign language songs.

Fifth.....um. Creepy dude with the bathing suit came in today and just sat around, he had two suits on. one was a bikini. It was tied around his neck and the strings were hanging by his thighs and then he had his purple one over top.

Oh and remind me to tell you of an incident today, not so much an incident, ut sitll remind me to tell you about it it involved the Y. OKAY kay.

Okay bye call me text me something. Love you.
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On February 7th, 2007 09:41 pm (UTC), silversteve commented:
I hope everyone is happy andddd smiling :)

Ehh not so much. But I'm glad you are :)
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