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And · so · it · goes....

Yep. Happy Valentines Day.

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Okay. So I wrote this entire entry...then went to post and my computer went bizerk and didnt do it. So then I had to re-write the last half...after I shoveled the porches.

Anyways its Valentines Day aannnd we got a snow day. Quite lucky of us! Yet I now dont get to spend mine with 25 third graders...i really was looking forward to an old school partaaayy. ha

The last couple of days have been nice. The dance was extrememly fun on friday...and going out afterwards was even more fun! I really do have the most amazing friends ever. They really are very important to me.

I have so many awesome things coming up and Im getting very excited about them.
Feb break: my bros
2nd weekend in March: ALL- EAST!!! Hartford CT
3rd weekend in March: Key Club Convention!!
Last weekend in March: My Fair Lady!
April Vacation: My bros and the Spa!
May 19th: Prom!!
June: GRADUATION!! and leaving for my favorite place eveerrrr CAMP! annnnd going to NYC to see a show!

I really need to start saving up my money because all of the prom dresses I like are very expensive and I know my rents will want me to chip in money..

Heres a few reasons why I cant wait for summer and camp...
1. I always have an amazing tan in the summer. I look mexican and I like it!
2. I get to see Andy =] and other camp people every day!
3. I love the wilderness....alot.
4. I love to guard out on the beach instead of inside the YMCA.
5. During the summer you always have the best night skys....i love to stargaze.
p.s. Shawna you are going to mail me every day!!!!

yep. that seems to be about it.
boring & random entry.
k, byeeee
sweet dreams all :)
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loved loved
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Leonard Cohen-Im your man
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On February 15th, 2007 02:35 am (UTC), silversteve commented:
YES old school parties!! Sounds like you're in for an action-packed month :P
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On February 15th, 2007 04:15 am (UTC), shawnafucking commented:
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On February 15th, 2007 01:08 pm (UTC), harls_barkley commented:
You sure know how to pick good music.
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On February 17th, 2007 12:41 am (UTC), swimmergrl196 replied:
theres this nice guy who helps me find some good stuff =]
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